aims and objectives – :

  • To implement various integrity-based programmes to develop the leadership capacity of the society and inculcating the sense of belongings amongst people of all groups and religion;
  • To organize a workshop, exhibitions, lectures, meetings, seminars, training courses, exchange programs to further the objectives of the society to promote art, culture and social development.
  • To organize programs and interactive theatres on social issues to educate the public as well as public awareness promotion.
  • To disseminate methodological developments and research findings to academic and practitioner audiences, through a range of written and verbal communications.
  • To collect data, information, and carry out the survey, research project, studies, networking to establish a data bank on socio-political, artistic and cultural issues such as fundamental civil rights, tolerance, structure and function of democracy, women’s rights, education policy, preventive health care measures.
  • To solicit and receive financial support from National and International organizations for welfare activities and to organize workshops/ programmes in backward rural areas as well as for women. Also to intensively work for consumer awareness and for protection of their respective rights; Furthermore, to accept grants from the government, agencies, authorities, public bodies, corporations, companies or persons, of money, movable and immovable property, donations, gifts, subscriptions, and other assistance, with a view to promoting the objectives of the society.
  • To explore the ways and means for promotion and cooperation for socio-economic development linkages in the country through sensitization of Panchayati Raj and Public Administration; and to undertake political awakening, environmental awareness, and studies related to natural sciences and social sciences
  • To communicate with the government, local and public authorities, etc. on various issues related to development, welfare and public interest on different subjects, and take active part in possible campaigns of the state and central governments for the benefit of the people.
  • To do all such acts or things which are ancillary or incidental or necessary or conducive to the achievement of objectives of the lawpulse.

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