Team LawPulse would like to thank every participant of the 1st LawPulse National Level Essay Writing Competition, 2020 for showing interest in the competition.

We are pleased to announce that our top three Winners are:

  1. Deepak Gupta,
  2. Avni Singh,
  3. Anushka A.

Further, we declare that Following Participants Submitted essays are selected for website publication

  1. Rishab Vora
  2. Shivani and Shivam Singh
  3. Rishitha K.
  4. Illena Pihu
  5. Jnani
  6. Aditi Mishra and Lavanya Rai
  7. B.A. Prathestha
  8. Piyush Nair
  9. Saumya Katara and Stuti Bisht
  10. Sakshi Mehta
  11. Akshaya and Pranav
  12. Anuj Datta and Madhu Singh
  13. Anushka Tyagi
  14. Deepak Habib
  15. Fahad Ghani
  16. Hrishikesh

Heartiest Congratulations to all! We wish you all the best for your future endeavours and look forward to your great contributions to the legal fraternity

Keep Participating! Keep Winning!

We will be back with another Competition.

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