Feminism means credence that women’s should have the equality of opportunity, of rights, etc. as men have. Nowadays in India the definition of feminism is getting unoriginal, most of the women are misusing their privileges in the name of feminism. When it comes to false attribution or allegations on men, no one can imagine how it’s affected the life of a clean-handed or innocent man. Due to such activities, in genuine cases there are lots of difficulties arises while deciding the case and for those girls who really stand for justice. Further, tendency of false implications of parties does have bearing on genuine cases[1]. This is the very serious issue in India as we all aware about this biasness against men.

Let’s take the consequences of supposititious feminism, when a woman accuses an innocent man of wrongdoing then this becomes the action and in reaction to this the personal life, financial life, career opportunities, willing of living life it all ends. She equally ruins an innocent man’s life as she want and the reaction would have been worse than we thought because there is no provision to protect men from such false accusations. Such activities of fake woman in the society tarnish the image of immaculate women. Because of this prejudice, somewhere men also reduce the respect for women in their mind, they also reluctant to talk to women. Nowadays, the power of women is being promoted so much that even an innocent man is buried somewhere with the power of this show.

If we talk about today’s wedding couple trend, then it would not be wrong to say that today is not the time when wives are tortured and only wives are taunted. In today’s growing age, wives are not far behind, they also brutalizes husband physically or mentally. Although the husband can get the divorce on the basis of this, it also takes time for the husband to prove that his wife is harassing him. Despite independence, an innocent man is not free in this independent country. It is malleable part of our constitution of India today, because if a man says something then he is silenced by showing the way to the door of feminism. There are many organizations on feminism that do not leave men fit to live in society only on the small complaint made by a woman, then whether the woman is right or wrong. They are simply meant to punish men and harshly condemn the man in society. Such type of organizations should be banned by the government.

When it comes to society, it is places where the more respect you get for doing good work, the more you have to face slander if you do something wrong that’s why the accusation of a rapscallion women ruins many families . There is no jeopardy that even today many women are very disturbed by the harassment by their in-laws.  Just as a coin has two aspects, every human being also has two aspects either it is good or bad. No one can judge anyone by looking at whether that person is good or bad, then why is it always guessed that only women are tortured and women are oppressed. When a  women demand a dowry given to her at the time of divorce , whatever is the cost of marriage, but why does anyone ever think that the money girl spends, more than or equal to that money boy also spends in his marriage. Why no provision has been made for that thing yet because respected family is not able to tolerate this kind of slander in their society. The consequences of which are very unfavorable, either man or their family member commit suicide or they are not able to come out in the society in any way. Save India Family Foundation has pointed to the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) data to show that suicide in married men is much higher than in married women [2]. In the case of sow mithri Vs. Union of India: it is commonly accepted that it is the man who is seducer and not the women.[3] Women who take advantage of rules and laws wrongly, If there is a provision of punishment on them that if they take advantage then they can also be punished, then in this way more families will all feel safe. So many rules have been made for the safety of women in society, and then rule should also be made for the protection of men, because in today’s society neither women nor man is safe. If a rapscallion woman uses feminism in such a way to inflict such disgusting allegations on a clean-handed man, then she should also be punished or fined or both, so that the law can be brought on par in this society. With the change of society, the law should also change in public interest, not by gender.

In this changing phase, a boy and a girl live together before marriage and when quarrel or a cheat is found, the girl make false accusation of rape on the boy who do sexual intercourse with the consent of the girl but are not able to get married due to some genuine reasons, then girl punishes the boy by the provisions of law and even takes money to avenge the boy’s deceit. In this way, many false cases are made whose victims are innocent boys. If the same thing can be done about girl, when she cheats like this by making a false promise of marriage, the boy could not do anything except regret.  Now, not only girls but boys also need safety provisions so that both the gender in the society should not have fear but respect with each other. Shrinivasan’s research into the 460 rape cases that came to trial in New Delhi in 2013 revealed that “more than one third turned out to be cases of couples having consensual sex outside marriage but, when the parents found out, they went to the police to end the relationship”. In 90 cases out of 50, it was seen that only the names, location and dates are changed or else the story of everyone is the same, that their daughter was given a drunk something due to which she was raped and there is no consent of a girl and the intercourse was unwilling and not consent free even when in fact the girl is in relationship.

At law, according to the various men’s right movement in India, the law suffers from the following shortcomings:[4]

It is not always true that man is always wrong and women’s are right. Therefore, the Supreme Court should now introduce new rules to maintain people’s trust in the court again. Parliament should now discuss something for women as well as men’s protection. This issue is as important as the triple divorce to maintain equality among the people. This is the right time to make people aware of the true law. The note of the rule of showing fraud to women is designated not to cheat innocent people, but to those who really suffers.     

Nowadays privilege provisions are used as a weapon rather than shield. This is the bitter truth we have in our country, according to the provisional data of the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), a total number of 16,351, 4,204 and 531 cases has been registered under the protection of women against domestic violence act, 2005 in 2012 ,2013 and 2014. Out of 90,000 to 100,000 cases investigated every year, nearly 10,000 complaints of dowry harassment turn out to be false.” This figure is enough to show the vengeance over clean-handed mans and most abused law in country. The motive here to discuss this against feminism is not to proof all men are innocent but just to aware about that not all woman are always right on their so called feminism. There are many loopholes in our law or we can say anti-man laws. Those laws which are highly misused by women should need to be amending as soon as possible. Our law may be assumes that woman are weak by birth maybe that’s why there is only maintenance claim by wife after divorce under section 125 of criminal procedure code,1973 not by husband. If a man marries, his wife is responsible to him. To get married it is necessary to earn money, the husband is under pressure to fulfill his wife’s need. In the same way it should also be implemented that a girl can marry only when she is earning and take the responsibility of herself.

Another thing mostly noticed nowadays that when it comes to corporate sector, government sector sometimes it happens that women falsely put allegation on man that her employee sexually starring her and tried to harass her sexually. If allegation put on men is genuine then that’s ok. But what if women just make false allegation on men, then man has to lose his job and with such a that type of character certificate, it becomes very difficult to get a job anywhere else, due to which that person comes into depression. Sometimes this makes me think that is this not visible to the government or they do not want to see?

Things have changed, the Supreme Court has also given a lot of guidelines regarding dowry and domestic violence, due to which the police do not immediately arrest the husband and his family, but even today the man is still there to fulfill his wife’s nefarious needs. Sometimes it happens that the police know that the husband and his family are innocent but they are unable to do anything, they are forced by the law. It is very important to make rules of safety for the people who live in the society, but if the same provisions or particular act start to hurt us, than step should be taken for their amendments. In today’s era, women have made their privilege rights a weapon. Due to which they scared man, because of which somewhere the clean-handed man is bent on the fact that he does not want to get caught in a jail or court affair. If the innocent men are trapped by the women then they either commit suicide or they destroy their lives. In the case of suicide the number of men is twice as much as woman when it comes to false allegations.

In my opinion as Newton’s third law of motion universally accepted that “every action has an equal and opposite reaction”. If it is relate to the law, then let’s assume that the men and women are two forces which are opposite from each other on the basis of gender and the object is our law, now how to run these two forces on the object so that it can work equally need to know about it. Luckily, we’ll find the answer through this Newton’s third law of motion. When a woman files a case using the provisions of her protection by law, then this will considered as action. According to Indian law, only action is allowed on the object and not the reaction on it which indicates second force. If the woman is taking action then the right to react should be given to the men and it should be done in vice-versa. This law of Newton should be viewed from the protection point of both man and women because when there is no discrimination on any object by the nature which is attached to the earth, keeps both action and reaction equal or does not have any disabilities, so that the acceleration on object stays in perfect proportion by the forces (action and reaction) so why are we discrimination both the forces (men and women) in law? Similarly, special attention should be paid to the law not only on the action of woman filing cases but also on the reaction of men to innocence so that the law which is an object can be accelerated in both the forces equally and in the opposite way in society and our law should not make stumble in the eyes of society.

The purpose of linking the anti-man law with the Newton’s third law of motion is just an attempt to bring transparency in the provisions of the law between men and woman. The rules of protection of men and woman will be the same, only then everyone get equal rights. No one will think to put a wrong case nor will they misuse the provisions, nor will any innocent have to die. Because today neither men nor woman operates to bring both equal, both have to be given equal rights. This reference must be taken by the parliament to cure the loopholes between the laws because now there are many types of faces of people more than what the people say, also both men and women have not been save from this. Then law maker should consider this.

The purpose of discussing this topic is not to humiliate a woman, but to try bringing attention to the women who put false cases at very high levels on men. This is all about vengeance over clean-handed man means to say that it is very easy for fake women to take revenge from the men who did not bow down as they demand and escape very easily from the court- trials. This time is to pay attention on this serious issue because society demands for the change now specially the man who is suffering. Because it is a famous saying that in jail, either a human being becomes a person or it deteriorates. At this time government needs to understand that if a person is gullible then he remains gullible to an extent, if someone takes advantage of his naiveté at a very peak level, then no one is worse than him. This is the duty of our constitution that no one can take advantage of any true, good and respectful person like this in the society.

On the basis of caste, it is equally divided, now it is not right to divide it on the basis of gender. In this way, our country will continue to be weak at home. Before it come that husband-wife or man-woman should not think of each other in the society, parliament should consider this as soon as possible.

[1]. Preeti Gupta Vs. state of Jharkhand, AIR 2010 SC 3363

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[4]. Dr. Shobharam Sharma, “Legal terrorism in India: need to change the law” Cri. LJ, Vol: 117, p.372, December (2011)

About Author:

Shivani Sagar, Jagaran School of Law